Premium Parking

Located in the area closest to the terminal

The Premium Mastercard car park, located in the area closest to the terminal, offers a covered car park with large spaces equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles, independent access as well as a mobile application that will allow you to reserve spaces and make your payment.

First 24 hours - Short Premium Duration

Time Price
0-2 hours RD$300
2-3 hours RD$500
3-4 hours RD$650
4-5 hours RD$800
5-6 hours RD$900
6-7 hours RD$1000
7-8 hours RD$1100
8-9 hours RD$1200
9-10 hours RD$1300
10-11 hours RD$1400
11-12 hours RD$1500
12 hours en adelante RD$1500

From 24 hours - Long Premium Duration

Amount of days Price
1 day RD$1500
2 days RD$2000
3 days RD$2500
4 days RD$2700
5 days RD$2900
6 days RD$3100
7 days RD$3300
Additional day from 7 days +RD$200 per day

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